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Risk in Focus: Waceke Mutuiri IRMCert, Risk and Compliance Manager, Britam General Insurance Company, Kenya


Waceke Mutuiri IRMCert

Risk and Compliance Manager

Britam General Insurance Company (K) Limited a part of the Britam Group


How did you get your job?

I started out as an intern in the forensics department at Deloitte Kenya. While there, I joined the Enterprise Risk Department just as risk management was becoming quite the buzzword in Kenyan industries outside of the banking sector.

In 2013, I joined UAP Insurance as the Group Risk Officer soon after legislation had been passed to separate the risk and audit functions in the Insurance Industry in the Country

What’s a typical day like as a Risk and Compliance Manager?

As the head of risk and compliance for my business unit within the Britam Group, a typical day consists of providing support to the operations and ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements.

This includes, facilitating identification of risks, review of mitigating actions for effectiveness and efficiency, supporting the internal audit department in follow up of open audit issues, supporting risk identification and mitigation in various projects. Recently, the risk team is busy building a more robust incidence database to be able to link the financial risk and operational risks for a more robust risk management framework

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Problem solving is my favourite part of my job. Especially where I am able to help the business identify the problem before it becomes a source of pain whether financially or from a reputation perspective.

What are the challenges?

The biggest challenge over the years is in getting buy in t some of the risk management methodologies. An example is with the risk and control self-assessments, which may be labourious at first but wit time, allow the business to be more proactive than reactive.


What made you decide to study the International Certificate in ERM?

The risk management profession has evolved over the years to become a business enabler function. The IRM is one of the most trusted professional bodies to equip risk managers with the skills and knowledge to continue to be business enablers within their businesses.

What has it taught you that you can immediately put into practice?   

The certificate has broken down the steps I need to take to further mature the risk management practice at my business unit. I am able to tie in the various types of risk to ensure an efficient, complete and future looking practice.

What would you say to other people considering studying the qualification?

IRM is the gold standard in risk management. The courses give you the knowledge you need to be an effective risk manager.

Top tips

Take the time to get the knowledge to be able to work effectively. I highly recommend the International Certificate in ERM

Keep up-to-date with changing trends in risk management

Take advantage of the risk communities within IRM to build and mature your risk management practice

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