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Risk in Focus: Martin Davies | Senior Risk Manager Lloyds Banking Group

How did you get your job? 

I moved from a career initially in Financial Services retail and business Sales, to Learning & Development where I specialised in Pensions & Investments training. This led to an opportunistic role within an Investment fund Risk oversight team where my risk career began. 

What’s a typical day like as a Senior Risk Manager?

My role is within People Oversight, but with a clear link within a larger Operational Resilience team looking at all angles of influence including cyber security and digitisation impacts on our Group. Whilst no two days are the same I will always spend time developing my team, discussing oversight progress with business partners, and engaging within our wider group to share best practice, and ensure I’m involved in anything people related. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Meeting people, and learning from their experience. 

What are the challenges? 

Digitising our business, as with others, is moving at such pace we must adapt and reskill ourselves accordingly. We have to afford ourselves the necessary time to arm ourselves with the knowledge of a rapidly evolving landscape. 

What would you say to others thinking about taking the Digital Risk Management Certificate?

Having sat many financial services qualifications I have found this to be the most relevant, topical and comprehensive introduction to Risk in our Digital world. I’d strongly recommend this certificate to all. 

What have you been able to put into practice in your job as a result of what you have learnt?

A significant amount of the subject matter for which I was unfamiliar with before has now become ‘common language’ to me. It has immediately allowed me to do my role more efficiently, and with a stronger grasp of the details. 

Top tips:

  • Learn from others - what is their area of expertise, what do I need to know from them and how will this benefit my work and my future career.
  • Be curious - whilst ‘curiosity killed the cat’ it makes for a stronger risk professional. Questions open doors to understanding, also exposing potential threats and weaknesses, this is particularly prevalent in our digital world where we are doing many things for the first time.
  • Think laterally - whilst a career in Risk may be the objective, there are many interrelated roles that may eventually lead to it (or from it). Never say never, and take a chance, it may lead to unexpected career results....


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