ERM in Insurance Special Interest Group

Purpose of the group

This group revolves around Enterprise Risk Management in insurance, with a clear focus on technical and soft issues. Incorporating the existing Internal Model Industry Forum to reinforce that internal models are now part of the business-as-usual risk and capital management activities of many insurers.

Aims and Objectives

Our key priorities will include:
• Cover a mix of both technical and ‘soft’ topics.
• Distinguish between events to disseminate views on an existing topic (technical or soft) and those where there is a need for thought leadership
• Engage with the membership to shape the agenda, deliver thought leadership and gather feedback.
• Engage with other SIGs, e.g. cyber and innovation, where there are subjects of common interests with insurance, in order to ensure that we approach topics in a way that is collaborative, efficient and effective.



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Group Co-Chair: Isaac Alfon

Group Co-Chair: Justin Elks

Current Chair of the IRM's Internal Model Industry Forum: Philip Whittingham

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