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Arrival and registration

08.00 - 08.55

The conference centre will be open from 8am for guests to arrive and register for the day's events. Guests are invited to enjoy a coffee before the conference officially begins at 9am.

Welcome from the conference chair

09.00 – 09.05

 Sue Saville, journalist

Sue Saville is an experienced conference host, having facilitated at events for the NHS and pharmaceutical companies, plus the banking and insurance industries. She chaired the stage at the Launch Dinner for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal, with Royalty attending. Sue has chaired symposia at medical conferences, including international events for rheumatism and neurology. She will be launching the conference with a brief welcome message.

Introduction to the day: 10 years of Risk Leaders 

09.05 – 09.15

Socrates Coudounaris, CFIRM, Chair IRM 

IRM’s flagship Risk Leaders Conference has now been running for 10 years and has firmly established itself as a leading international learning event for the risk community. IRM Chairman, Socrates Coudounaris, takes a brief look back at the issues and personalities that have been on the agenda. 

Keynote presentation: Cyber fraud and the challenges it presents to a global organisation.

09.15 – 09.40

Jim Winters, Managing Director, Global Fraud Management, Barclays 

As society demands access to faster real-time payment methods to support and enhance our daily lives, this presents the banking and finance industry with a host of new and heightened threats to which it has to react to protect against real-time fraud and maintain the confidence of consumers.

This presentation will show the journey banks have embarked upon to develop a balanced fraud detection capability to defend against both operational and social engineering attacks to mitigate loss, and minimise reputational risk. 

Research showcase: Emerging Risk Scenarios - Risk Management Exemplars from the Energy and Consumer Sectors 

09.40 – 10.05

 Professor Daniel Ralph, Judge Business School, Cambridge University

Professor Daniel Ralph, Judge Business School, Cambridge University

Professor Danny Ralph is a co-founder of the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies. The risk centre’s mission is the study of systemic risk for risk management. Its outputs include a Taxonomy of Threats, which is a “universal” categorisation of shocks; a comprehensive family of catastrophe scenarios that are used as management stress tests; and its GPD risk index of world cities, the Cambridge Global Risk Index, championed by Lloyd’s of London.

Dr Paul Burgess, Senior Advisor, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

With a background spanning climate, environmental and flood risk modelling, Paul has spent 20 years helping companies understand and interpret the outputs of scientific-, engineering- and (loss) experience-based risk metrics related to natural catastrophe risk, terrorism, cyber, longevity and pandemic risk, ensuring that the people, processes and technologies are in place to apply these risk insights to product pricing, risk management and portfolio management.

The second year of the joint research programme for IRM and the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies (CCRS) has taken an in-depth look at identifying, assessing, and managing risks within two very different sectors – energy and consumer goods. 

      • Scenario Stress Tests for the Energy Sector - Professor Daniel Ralph, Academic Director, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies and Professor of Operations Research, Cambridge Judge Business School
      • Risk Management for the Consumer Sector - Dr Andrew Coburn, Chief Scientist, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies  

Keynote Presentation: How Myopic Financial Strategies Increase Corporate Risk    

10.05 – 10.30

Robert J Trent PhD, Professor of Supply Chain Management, Lehigh University, USA 

Few corporate leaders would argue against the notion that their firms are under intense pressure to manage costs.  Unfortunately, in an effort to enhance their financial position industrial customers have pursued financial strategies that can affect supplier-buyer relationships quickly and sometimes irreparably.  This presentation focuses on the unintended consequences that can result when industrial customers take actions that affect adversely the financial standing of their suppliers. Findings presented here will show that financially myopic strategies increase corporate risk by encouraging retaliatory action by suppliers and reducing the likelihood of receiving preferential treatment from suppliers.
0:11 / 2:18

Networking coffee break  

10.30 - 11.00

Panel discussion - Talking about our Generation 

11.00 – 12.00

New generations of the risk community talk about the challenges they see, the skills that they are developing and how they want their careers to progress. 

Session chair: Dan Tapsell, Contracts Manager, Broadgate Search

  • Karlene Agard, Aravun
  • Alex Deas, Network Rail
  • Jemma Boyce, London City Airport
  • Chris Hanlon, Monza Bank

Keynote presentation: Building a Security Conscious Culture in your workplace

12.00 – 12.30

John Scott, Head of Security Education, Bank of England 

You can’t control culture, but you can control some of the things that determine culture. Based on psychological and sociological principles, John Scott describes the respectful approach taken by the Bank of England’s security education team to raising standards of cyber security compliance.  

Networking lunch

12.30 – 13.20

Workshop Sessions (3 sessions, 45 mins each, running twice)

13.20 – 14.55


Workshop 1:

Risk Management Systems; Evolution over 40 years from “loss control” to driving “sustainable business” performance -

An interactive workshop focusing on what drives successful risk management and hence sustainable business in today’s environment.

Host: Mark Fisher, Associate Director, DNV GL

Mark has been working in the major-hazard and process industries since July 1992. He has held many posts in the areas of facilities integrity management, operational safety, project management and consultancy. Although always an employee of DNV GL, he has spent much of his career seconded to senior operational supervisory and management roles within client organisations. His has held major project roles leading the conception, development and implementation of safety, health and environmental, process safety and enterprise risk management systems with major energy companies in Europe, USA, the Middle East and Asia.


Host: Mark Boult CFIRM, Director, DNV GL

Mark Boult is highly experienced in risk management and analysis. He has worked with organisations in a wide range of industries; energy, chemical and petrochemicals, oil and gas, maritime, utility, healthcare and transport. He has held a range of management and consulting positions during a career of over 35 years in DNV GL. He has international experience having been based in offices in London (UK), Stavanger (Norway), Columbus (Ohio), Houston (Texas), Hong Kong and Sydney (Australia). He started and managed for 18 months the (Technica) risk advisory business in Houston, managed the London Software Products Division for two years, and he has also managed the company’s risk advisory businesses in Australia and Hong Kong. He was Business Development Director for DNV's oil gas and process industry operations in the US from 1999 to 2002. Mark successfully led the growth of DNVs General Industry and Healthcare business in the UK.

Workshop 2:

5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive - Your Countdown to Compliance

Join our interactive workshop looking at the shifts in policy between the 4th, 5th and 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive, and how your business can take '7 steps towards compliance'. Leave with a better understanding of the directive, and take away a personalised compliance checklist for your organisation to start working through.

Host: Chris McDonagh, Head of the UK Nexis Solutions business, LexisNexis

Chris McDonagh is head of the UK Nexis Solutions business. Overseeing day to day operations and managing the team responsible for customers who rely on LexisNexis solutions to successfully conduct risk and compliance. Chris has over 18 years’ experience within the compliance market, engaging with businesses and assisting them to achieve their objectives and mitigate risks. 

Workshop 3:

Dynamic Risk Profiling

Host: Gary Lynam, Director of Risk Advisory, Protecht

Gary joined Protecht in 2019 as Director of Risk Advisory after a 10-year career in Risk Management. Gary’s experience includes working directly with Global Tier 1 financial institutions and providing risk consulting services across APAC and Europe. Dynamic Risk Profiling seeks to assist organisations articulate that risk is evolving (not static), and explore the nature of risk information required to understand and analyse risk. Applying a core principle of simplicity, Dynamic Risk Profiling workshop will outline interactive methods and supporting mechanisms to analyse risk events and convert risk data to real-time dynamic reporting for the C-suite. 

Tea break and networking

14.55 – 15.20

Keynote presentation: Risk Management in an Uncertain Environment

15.20 – 16.20

Lakshmi Shyam-Sunder, Chief Risk Officer, World Bank 

Institutions are facing an environment of unprecedented change compared to the last few decades.  While volatility has always been with us, the underlying paradigm and processes were known and could be assumed to be reasonably stable. This enabled well-governed institutions to assess, measure and limit risks with fairly high degrees of confidence. However, we are all now facing fundamental shifts in the geopolitical order, market environment, technological disruption, environmental and social issues, and other emerging risks. This talk will discuss some of these developments and trends and how risk management approaches need to change to cope with this uncertainty.

Summary and wrap-up

16.25 – 16.30

Conference chair Sue Saville will return briefly to conclude the day's events. 

Drinks reception

16.30 – 18.00

Guests are invited to stay and network until 6pm at our drinks reception.