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Nuclear SIG webinar - Risk champions

Date: 21 January 2021, 13:00 - 16:00

PLEASE NOTE: the webinar will now be held on Microsoft Teams, to register please contact us requesting the joining instructions. 

The theme of the event is 'risk champions' but is aimed at both risk champions and risk professionals. While it is being run by the Nuclear Industry SIG, it is not specifically aimed solely at the nuclear industry and would be open to all industries.

Benefits are to encourage positive risk management culture across all organisations and not just 'a process run by risk professionals'.

Topics to be covered:

• What is the role of the risk champion? What should they do/not do??
• What type of person does it need to be and what are the 'skills' required?
• How do we engage the business and teams and why is the risk management culture important?

With guest speaker Alex Larson CFIRM, Author, Thought Leader, and founder of Risk Guide.


Session 1 – Led by risk champions giving their own personal experiences followed by Q&A

Session 2 – Risk advocates speaking about their experiences and why risk champions are key within businesses followed by Q&A

Panel Discussion to close