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ERM in Insurance webinar - Board risk governance in insurance - making it work

Date: 15 July 2020, 13:30 - 15:00

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Insurance companies are in the business of managing risks, and insurers’ board risk governance has a critical role to play in ensuring that risks are well-managed and business opportunities captured. Organisations can struggle to put in place truly effective risk governance that operates efficiently while addressing the particular nature of insurance companies.

This round-table session brings together a number of expert practitioners to provide different perspectives and discuss the characteristics that can help organisations to develop effective and efficient board risk governance that works well in an insurance context. This will help attendees to understand the perspectives of different stakeholders, understand the challenges that can hamper effectiveness and efficiency, in the context of insurance and regulation, and therefore help members to consider the operation of risk governance in their organisations and consider how it may be enhanced in future.

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Isaac Alfon and Justin Elks will chair and moderate the meeting.

• The Risk Coalition perspective: Bryan Foss, Non-Executive Director and Co-founder and Director at Risk Coalition.

• The Board Risk Committee perspective: Sue Kean, Non-Executive Director and Board Risk Committee Chair at Utmost Life and Pensions.

• The Regulatory perspective: Johann Meeke CMIRM, Senior Manager ERM at Prudential Regulation Authority.

• The CRO’s Perspective: Iain Wright CFIRM, Chief Risk Officer - Europe at Great-West Lifeco Inc and IRM Chair.

• Question and answer session.

Please note: Chatham House rules will apply to all speakers.