Executive Programme in Enterprise Risk Management

Manage uncertainty, take action and create value

Organised in conjuction with

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18-22 Nov 2019


Solbosch Campus (ULB)

English € 3,500 VAT Excl.*
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*Course material and catering included; 10% discount for IRM and Solvay alumni

Who is the programme aimed at?


Any risk management professional who is just starting, is benchmarking or refreshing his/her practices and knowledge in the field. Among typical roles to which this programme can bring added-value are: risk officers, risk managers, compliance officers, internal control officers, internal auditors, risk advisors, risk consultants, operational risk managers, insurance providers and brokers.

Key admissions criteria

  • English proficiency (proof of studies/work experience in English)
  • Master the basics of Excel

Your benefits


  • Best practices in action: Understand and implement best risk management practices in your organisation
  • Enhance your knowledge: A dual approach to risk management training, together with Solvay Brussels School, leads to double certification
  • Expand your network: Become part of the risk management community and the global IRM network


  • Understand the big picture: Develop and implement a holistic approach to risk management within your organisation
  • Performance-focused: Enhance business performance and improve risk decision making
  • Future-oriented: Attract and retain high-caliber professionals by investing in personal development

Programme overview


The Executive Programme in Enterprise Risk Management is organised jointly by two strong partners providing academic and professional expertise and know-how: The IRM and Solvay Executive Education. 

Solvay Cropped

Solvay Executive Education’s Leadership Center supports your development throughout your career. It currently holds a leading position in Europe for research and education in the fi elds of Economics and Management. The school‘s core mission is to train business leaders and entrepreneurs with the ability to adapt to the ever-changing nature of Society and to shape tomorrow’s world.


ModuleObjectivesDurationTrainerFind out more
Risk Management Essentials
  • Introduction to risk management
  • The risk management process
  • The risk management framework
  • Embedding a risk culture
2 days David Lannoy Find out more »
Operational Risk Management 
  • Operational risk scope and framework
  • Regulation and Governance
  • Risk identification and scenario analysis and planning
  • Reporting
1/2 day Ariane Chapelle Find out more »
Strategic Risk Management 
  • Risk-taking & value creation
  • Corporate reputation & stakeholders
  • KRIs, KPIs and risk monitoring
1/2 day Ariane Chapelle Find out more »
Financial Risk Management
  • Market risk management
  • Credit risk management
  • Liquidity risk management
1 day Hugues Pirotte Find out more »
Project Risk Management 
  • Strategy execution through projects
  • Linking strategic, project and operational risks
  • Project and risk management framework
  • Risk planning, monitoring & control through the project lifecycle
1 day Frédéric Hoffman  Find out more »


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More programme features

Educational support

  • Interactive in-class lectures: These include an array of exercises & real-life cases, videos, business and role-playing games.
  • Blend of tools and practice: Across each module, participants are provided with the tools and concepts to solidify their know-how in risk management. This is followed by discussions or real cases, hands-on application of tools and simulations of possible scenarios a risk professional may find themselves in.


The participants following module 1 will receive the Certificate "Risk Management Essentials" from the Institute of Risk Management.

The participants following the 5 modules will receive the "Executive Programme in Enterprise Risk Management" Certificate issued by the Solvay Business School in addition to Certificate "Risk Management Essentials" from the Institute of Risk Management.


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Roxana O +32 2 650 66 34