Managing Risk in a Digital World

Course Overview

Data is the indispensable asset that makes your business function, yet it is incredibly intangible. Data can be stolen, corrupted, blocked. Do you need to understand this core business risk? Many people consider information security to be a moving target, without a precise definition of what good security looks like. Perfect security is probably not realistic. How can we reliably make sense of digital risks, get behind the technology, fit this in to an ERM perspective? How can we be sure we have this threat under appropriate control, working as a team?

This course gets people thinking about what makes for good management of our digital risks across the organisation.

Course Dates

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22 May 2019 1 Day 6 Hours London £495* £595* Book now »
24 Sep 2019 1 Day 6 Hours London £495* £595* Book now »

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Who should take this course

  • Non-IT risk managers
  • CROs
  • Auditors

Learn about

  • Understand and classifying the threats we all face
  • Demystify some techno-jargon so you can talk to tech staff with insight
  • Know what “Asymmetry of Attack” means and appreciate why it is a big deal
  • Introduce some typical methods of hack-attack from the technical, to the basic manipulation of people
  • Discuss emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Quantum Computing to see if they introduce new risks
  • Survey a range of Best Practice Frameworks & Standards
  • Prioritising improvement actions in your digital risk activities
  • Fitting digital risk into a bigger picture of organisational risk handling

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