Risk Agenda 2025: Survey

The past 30 years have seen huge changes in the risk environment and also in the ways that we seek to manage uncertainty. We anticipate that the next 30 years will be no different.

If anything, opinion seems to be that change is accelerating, enabled by technology and globalisation, and the profession must respond. But what does this mean? How should we practice what we preach and ensure that we are resilient and properly equipped for the future?

To mark our 30th anniversary, we launched our Risk Agenda 2025 project to harness the collective expertise of our membership and contacts around the world. We have held a series of debates, involving many of our regional groups. We have also sought the view of our contacts in other professions – we need to avoid the danger of talking only to ourselves.

We have interviewed key risk commentators and invited them to give us their thoughts. And finally we undertook a widespread survey of the risk community. The results of these exercises are in the full document which you can download below. 

Risk Agenda Executive Summary Cover       Risk Agenda Full Report Cover
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