Agenda: Perspectives on the Future of Risk

Our initial report, Perspectives on the Future of Risk, marks the beginning of the Risk Agenda 2025 project.  In it we have gathered the wisdom of some our key stakeholders and members on the opportunities and threats the profession faces and how they believe these might impact the profession by 2025.

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 Mark Goyder  

Mark Goyder, Founder and Chief Executive,  Tomorrow's Company

"One of the biggest risks companies now face is the speed at which they can be destroyed. If a customer chooses to say something derogatory about your products, you can find yourself in a great spiral of lost business and lost reputation with things moving at such a pace that it's hard to control."

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Dame Judith Hackett  

Dame Judith Hackitt, Chair, EEF

"The key issue for all businesses today, including manufacturing, is uncertainty. The decision for the UK to leave the European Union in June last year and continuing geopolitical unrest has pushed the issue to the top of the industrial agenda."

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Mark Brown  

Mark Brown, Vice President Software Solutions and Services, Sword Active Risk

"The truth is, at the executive level and at board level, people don't always appreciate the value of risk management and how it can deliver bottom-line results to the business."

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Gabriel Bernardino  

Gabriel Bernardino, Chairman, EIOPA

"Risk management is starting to be seen from a board perspective as a function important for business planning and strategic decision making."

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Sarah Blackburn  

Sarah Blackburn, Vice Chair and Chair of the Risk & Audit Committee, NHS Digital

"Like in all organisations in the UK, cyber threats are rising.  Maintaining effective cyber security defences will remain an ongoing challenge for the NHS over the next few years."

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Iain Pickard  

Iain Pickard, Partner, Strategia Worldwide

"Genuine strategic risk management is where you take a comprehensive approach - understanding every angle of the environment and risk in the broader sense. While risk management is one side of this equation - thorough strategic planning is the other."

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Richard Archer  

Richard Archer , Chief Risk Adviser, BT Business

"The thing about emerging risks is that they are hard to spot. It helps if risk managers can make the distinction between emerging risks and new risks."

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Peter Swabey  

Peter Swabey, Policy and Research Director, ICSA - The Governance Institute

"Over the past few years, board level responsibility for risk management has been given more prominence, not just by regulators such as the Financial Reporting Council, but by investors particularly."

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