Enrolling for the Digital Risk Management Certificate

New enrolees wishing to enrol on the Digital Risk Management qualification must complete this online application form and pay the relevant fee to complete the enrolment.

Enrolling on an IRM Qualification

Please note this is not an enquiry form or an expression of interest. By completing the online enrolment application you are enrolling as a student on to the course for the qualification and must pay the course fee.

You will be sent an invoice once your enrolment form has been submitted. This invoice will include all invoicing information that you have included on your enrolment form. Please ensure that you have all of the correct invoicing details before strating this process - information you will need from the person agreeing to sponsor you includes a PO number, invoicing email address, and invoicing postal address. A PO cannot be accepted as an enrolment, and an enrolment form will need to be completed as well as submitting a PO.

Please note that invoices must be paid by the 16th August 2019.

If your organistaion is sponsoring your course fees, please ensure that this has already been agreed before starting the enrolment process, as once the enrolment form has been submitted, full payment is required.

Ready to enrol?

I understand the above information and would like to enrol for this session's exams nowI'm not ready to enrol and pay yet and want to go back to the Qualifications pageI have more questions and would like to contact the Student Support Team