'It's adding value and makes a real difference'
'It's adding value and makes a real difference' The Independent 19 November 2014, Features | Postgrad Diary – IRM Diploma Sitting seven three-hour exams and working through "reams of articles, journals, book chapters and other materials" is not for the faint-hearted - but Guy Beaumont, 29, from Guildford, is taking it in … Read more
Managing risk in the extended enterprise
Following the publication of the Institute of Risk Management’s (IRM) Extended Enterprise: Managing Risk In Complex 21st Century Organisations report, Commercial Risk Europe spoke to Richard Anderson, the institute’s chairman and principal consultant at AndersonRisk, for his take on its key findings and recommendations. CR… Read more
2018 Annual General Meeting Results Announcement
The 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 6th December 2018 at Willis Towers Watson, 51 Lime Street, London at 9am. The following Resolutions were passed: Resolution 1: To confirm the minutes of the previous AGM Resolution 2: To receive the Directors’ Report, the Financial Statements and the auditor’s report fo… Read more
The forgotten realm
When it comes to risk across corporate boundaries, there is an overlooked domain which rarely sees scrutiny – that of subsidiaries A group’s subsidiaries face three distinct areas of risk; indirect, shared and inherited – all of which come under the heading of ‘contagion risk’. The rise of risk contagion Risk contagion ha… Read more
Risk Perception: It’s Personal
Publication: Environmental Health Perspectives (Journal of the National Institute of Environmental Health Services)  Subject: Risk perception subjectivity Published: October 2014 issue IRM member quoted: Carolyn Williams Risk Perception: It’s Personal Valerie J. Brown, based in Oregon, has written for EHP since 1996. I… Read more
Bank of England disaster protocol questioned
Questions were raised about the integrity of the Bank of England's disaster recovery processes after an IT glitch halted a crucial payment system for an unprecedented 10 hours on October 20. Thousands of payments were delayed after the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system was paused due to a "technical issue related to… Read more
Pushing for professionalism in risk management
Pushing for professionalism in risk management 18 June 2014 Alex Hindson and Jose Morago in Insurance IERM Published in: Risk, Risk management, Regulation, Solvency II, Associations, UK, ROW   Risk managers are under growing pressure to prove their competencies with regulators and rating agencies, say Amlin's… Read more
Creating a culture of integrity
Creating a culture of integrity 09 July 2014 Governance + Compliance and NAVEX Global have joined forces to raise awareness of the benefits of ethical behaviour within organisations. In our June issue Shaping the future by Mary Bennett, Vice President of Navex Global's advisory service, outlined seven steps to embedding… Read more
Why we're definitely not headed for another ice age
It was cold in the winter of 1684. Damn cold. So cold, in fact, that a couple of paintings from the time, depicting Londoners gambolling on the frozen River Thames, remain a kind of pictorial shorthand for the depths to which European temperatures can plunge even 330 years later. Earlier this year, those familiar paintings… Read more
Drawing a line under the 3 Lines of Defence in Banking
Eoin Daly, Senior Manager in PwC Financial Services  Advisory Division, SIRM Whether its origins lie in medicine, war or football, 3 Lines of Defence (3LOD) is a strategy much beloved by banks as a risk management filter. But its very existence can lull organisations into a false sense of security. I recently observed thi… Read more
Breaking slavery shackles in the supply chain Companies must now verify and report on robustness Ian Livsey - CEO of the Institute of Risk Management