IRM Launches New Regional Group in Belgium & Luxembourg

The IRM is delighted to announce a new Regional Group in Belgium; the objective is to complete the existing professional landscape in the region by promoting Enterprise Risk Management as a practice in all types of industries.

This regional group will focus on connecting risk management professionals in the area - raising the profile on important subjects and evolutions within each relevant and represented industry. 

Ultimately providing a forum for members from a diverse range of organisations, risk disciplines and sectors to network, exchange views and share best practice with peers locally. Specifically the scope will host events and enable cross-industry pollination. 

The group will be run by senior risk professionals coming from various industries like life sciences, financial services, risk advisory and construction: 

Chairman: David Lannoy, Technical Specialist IRM 

Treasurer: Pierre Poncelet 

Secretary: Kenneth Willems 

Community manager Belgium: Nicolas Renard 

Community manager Luxembourg: Simon Muir 

Chairman of the group David Lannoy comments: 

“The Initial priority will be to attract members, build a network - we aim to host four events a year. These events will focus on relevant topics and we would aim to include high profile international speakers with proven backgrounds in risk management activities plus round tables with current IRM members to inform thought leaderships and shape industry practice”

Aside from the specific activities we will aim to bring together IRM members in a friendly environment and encourage networking, spreading events across the region to increase participation of willing professionals. We will bring members together who in turn will have the opportunity to share their own knowledge and experiences during events”. 

The group will also look at developing a risk talent incubator by reaching high profile students and professionals through challenges to promote the profession. 

Socrates Coudounaris, CFIRM, Chairman of the IRM and Risk Management Director, RGA International Reinsurance Company says: 

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to launch this group in the region with the support of exerts in the region. Our relationships with firms in the region have always been excellent and we welcome the opportunity to strengthen them further. Excellence in risk management requires a strong understanding of general concepts and techniques but also an appreciation of the detailed risk landscape in particular sectors and this will help to enhance our interconnectedness”. 

If you’re interested in joining the Regional Interest Group please contact:

More information about this group can be found here on its Regional Group page.