Institute of Risk Management's First Ever Visit to Mainland China

Representatives of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) are making their first ever visit to mainland China with the aim of building partnerships with local risk management educators and other contacts.

There is a growing interest in China in how organisations around the world undertake risk management today. China's growth in recent years, both in exporting and investing overseas, and also in developing the provision of public services and consumer goods at home, has been rapid but concerns have also been expressed about issues of health and safety, trust in organisations and products, environmental impact and sustainable development and investment decision-making. Effective risk management can help organisations of all types address these challenges.

IRM was approached by Professor Martin (Ming-Che) Sung, Director of the Research Centre for Risk Management at the Hubei University of Economics in Wuhan. Professor Sung is organising one of the first risk management conferences at the University and invited the Institute to speak about its approach to developing risk management professionals. Carolyn Williams, IRM's Director of Corporate Relations, will be addressing the conference in Wuhan on 1 December.

After Wuhan, the IRM representatives will be moving on to visit Suzhou, where IRM Senior Examiner, Steven Shackleford, has recently been teaching risk management at the International Business School at Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University.

Carolyn Williams and Sanjay Himatsingani, IRM's Director of Business Development, will be discussing with both universities, and also with other potential partners, opportunities to open up IRM's global training and education to the Chinese market.

IRM only has a handful of members in mainline China but has been established for much longer in Hong Kong, where students regularly take IRM's examinations. A meeting of local members is taking place in Hong Kong on 7 December.

A copy of our qualifications flier in Mandarin can be found here.

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