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East Africa

Meets throughout the year to host special events for IRM members. 

Here's a write up from the inaugural event held recently.

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Objectives and Activities

1. Provide a forum for local members and potential members of the IRM to meet regularly.

2. Develop risk management knowledge and skills and share best practice amongst members through seminars, lectures and other forms of information.

3. Confer, consult, maintain contact with and cooperate with any persons, associations, societies, institutions and bodies of persons established in Kenya or elsewhere having objectives in whole or part similar to those of IRM.

4. Collaborate as appropriate with government and other regulatory bodies in formulating policies pertaining to risk management practice.

5. Encourage growth in membership of the IRM in Kenya.

6. Support local students taking IRM exams.

Future meetings


Previous meetings

Calendar   Wednesday 10th July 2019

from 5.30pm

Location Con

Sarova Panafric Hotel, Nairobi

 Next Generation of Risk Management

Calendar   Wednesday 7th November 2018

8.00 – 5.00pm

Location Con

Sarova Panafric Hotel, Nairobi

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Path to Resilience 

Calendar   Tuesday 30th October 2018


Location Con

Information Access Centre – IAC House, Parliament Avenue, Uganda

Keys to Successful ERM Implementation

Calendar   14 September 2018

14:00 - 16:00

Location Con

TelOne Centre for Learning Conference Room

Samora Machel Avenue and Hampden Street, A5, Harare, Zimbabwe 

Foundations of Successful ERM Implementation

Keynote speaker: Dr Stanely Mutenga B.Com, MSc, PhD, PGCE. 

Calendar   13th July 2018

14:00 - 16:00

Location Con

TelOne Centre for Learning Conference Room

Samora Machel Avenue and Hampden Street, A5, Harare, Zimbabwe 

View the meeting report here »


The Butterfly Effect and The Black Swan - Risk Management in a Brave New World

Calendar   10th November 2017

08:00 - 17:00

Location Con

Sarova Panafric Hotel, Nairobi

The Institute of Risk Management invites you to our 2nd Annual East Africa Risk Leaders Conference.

The recent past has seen political, social and technalogical upheaval, focing us to re-examine some basic assumptions about the world we live in. Previously large institutions have been brought down to their knees, results of a Presidential election in Kenya have been nullified and there have been changes within the banking sector including interest rate capping. Subtle changes that were ignored have produced chaotic results and repeated failures have led to a loss of trust in ‘experts’, risking the livelihoods of thousands of people.

This is a free event with limited spaces.


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The Butterfly Effect and The Black Swan

Download the flyer »


SIG Meeting

Calendar   28th September 2017

5.30pm - 7.30pm

Location Con

KPMG Rwanda Limited 5th Floor, Grand Pension 
Plaza Boulevard de la Revolution

The event is being run by our IRM East Africa regional group head, Dorothy Maseke and will be hosted by KPMG Rwanda. We have previously held similar events in Kampala, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. These events are a great opportunity for you to network, exchange views and learn from other risk managers in your region. This will be our first one in Kigali.

Dr Uwizeye will speak at the event and Dorothy Maseke will speak about the Operational Risk Survey.

20 July 2017: Mr. Ross McGee Chief Risk Officer, "Innovation and Risk Management"

16 March 2017: Group meeting

24 Nov 2016: The annual conference of IRM's Kenya regional group

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 Inaugural Annual Conference Report - Nov 2016 »


        Institute of Risk Management Senior Member Appointed to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report Advisory Board

    Carol Ouko-Misiko is a senior member of the Institute and plays a key role in managing the IRM’s East Africa Regional Group; she is Group Chief Risk Officer for Britam Holdings Plc where she oversees risk management across seven countries (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Malawi and Mozambique.)

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Visit MyIRM for more information and to download presentations from previous meetings.

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13 July 2018

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Group Secretary:
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Attending meetings

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