Cyber Risk: The Risk Managers' Summit 2014

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Cyber risks are among the most rapidly evolving of all organisational risks. Risk managers are at the forefront of the cyber risk management battle and need every tool in their armoury to win it.

Cyber Risk 2014 will give you have the latest techniques and contacts to manage these risks. Drawing on the IRM's recently issued cyber guidance, this event will focus on practical risk-based solutions and provide plenty of networking opportunities. Roundtable discussions and a panel debate led by key industry players will enable you to participate and get the answers to all your questions. 

By attending, you will:

  • Understand cyber threats to your organisation, including those you have not previously considered

  • Provide more relevant and valuable advice to your organisation by keeping abreast of the latest cyber threats and practical response strategies

  • Network with leading cyber risk professionals
  • Get your questions answered by industry experts

Your organisation will benefit from:

  • Having a better understanding of its exposure to cyber risks - including those arising from mobile devices and cloud services

  • Knowing how to protect its reputation by ensuring its clients' and customers' details are stored securely

  • Learning how to properly educate its staff in everyday cyber risk prevention management

  • Learning how to manage incidents to minimise financial and reputational damage